The Challenge

Charles Goodyear (1800-1860) filed a revolutionary patent for vulcanizing rubber on June 15th, 1844 based upon his 1839 invention.

The discovery of the rubber-sulfur-heat reaction revolutionized the use and applications of rubber, and changed the face of the industrial world.

As long as vulcanizing has existed, attempts have been made to reverse the process or devulcanize rubber. Without the reverse process, recycled rubber has not been used significantly in TPE or Rubber compound applications largely because the desired mechanical properties have not been achieved.

Since 1839 reversing the vulcanizing process has been attempted in many forms under many patents. None have attained the levels of performance and commercialization now offered by PIT’s new e2R² solution™!

Welcome to the new paradigm of
eco-effective Rubber Regeneration!

Pushing the industrial age into the modern age of sustainability!

The time has come to…

Believe. Open your doors to new markets!

Believe. Opening doors to new markets.


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